About Us



Natural Base combines the wisdom of nature and modern technology.flexibly connected  Through Health Skin Care & Beauty Cosmetics  We design safe and healthy beauty.


Natural base based on healthy beauty  Before economic and corporate growth, we try to think about nature and health, the environment and humans first.

we are  By finding and analyzing all cosmetic manufacturing companies and brands in Korea,  difference  We want to become a platform that supplies K-Beauty cosmetic brands with the highest quality of 1%.



Natural Base has been thinking a lot about healthy beauty.

We are all intrinsically healthy  I know it's beauty.

However, it is not easy to practice and maintain that method in the busy modern life. 
The development of information technology is
  It is making us wander and weary in the flood of information. 
Natural Base is a healthy cosmetic product through information sharing.
  For the goal of a healthy and beautiful life  a companion who walks together  want to be



Natural Base wants to practice the value of sharing that people around the world should use healthy cosmetics. 
To understand and understand personal growth and global markets, we
  Various countries in 65 cities  I looked into life. 

of the world  I learned tangible and intangible learning from various cultures and lives and the potential of the potential market. 
based on this experience
  As a reliable partner with cosmetic manufacturers  For a stable supply of products  I'm trying. 
future global
  Entering the market and promoting healthy beauty  We want to grow our brand competitiveness .



Finding a product that puts your health first is not as easy as you might think and takes a lot of time and energy. 
Natural Base collaborates with experts with long careers and experiences in IT and various fields and develops future information technology.
Various health-friendly cosmetic brands using
  by excavating  continuously deliver to customers  We would like to give