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Natural Base

of the world's leading organic certification organization
obtained certifications  premium
organic cosmetic brands

Domestic organic certified herbs and various
Certified natural organic ingredients  organic certification by international prestigious organizations  This is a Korean premium organic cosmetic product received.

CHOBS is a natural organic cosmetic
Contribute to the growth and development of the industryare doing


Jeju Island native trees
Organic naturalism

cosmetic brand

The secret of the forest to the skin, Rootree

Rootree, organic natural cosmetics
Skin rejuvenation with natural ingredients
Grow, not just show
Pursuing true beauty from the inside out.

Keep your skin healthy every day with Rootree, a cosmetic that contains the secrets of the forest.

Df(x) NOVA

scientific efficacy and safety
Proven FDA Certified Cosmetics  
Df(x) NOVA

All Df(x) NOVA products are FDA approved
affiliated organization  Korea Institute of International Science and Technology
Korea Medical University and  Korea College of Oriental Medicine
It is a product jointly developed by researchers ,
FDA International Scientific Research Institute
It is a product that has been proven to be effective.

STEM CELL (stem cell) for all products
contains ingredients  Became  skin cells  play and
help with elasticity ​ give.


sensitive skin  take care
For healthy skin
medical cosmetics  professional brand

As a professional cosmetic brand recognized by skin experts,  the best solution
to provide healthy and clean

We help you take care of your skin.

TOAS Medical Cosmetics brand promises healthy and clean skin.


New in Peptide Cosmetics

presenting a paradigm

Derma Carebrand

Through 20 years of experience in a university hospital

The relationship between harmful ingredients in cosmetics and diseases  relation

Recognizing and studying the relationship  with humans

Better products for the environment  development

We are continuing.


for dermatologists

Genesis was born

Genesis provides medical treatment and skin care.  Together, they maximize the therapeutic effect and promote the rapid normalization of the skin.  

To date, dermatology and plastic surgery  mainly by specialists

product you use  Beyond Dermatology Now

Tailored for a variety of consumers  cosmetic

We want to break new ground.


Cosmetics you can trust

A famous brand to develop

With the goal of PRIDE, PRECIOUS, and PROUD, we develop cosmetics that anyone can trust and use through good materials and research.

at home and abroad  Recognized representative cosmetics mastermind

brand oriented.



The Sharaf Group is one of the largest and most respected conglomerates in the Middle East.
It comprises more than 60 operating companies in more than six business sectors, including information technology, shipping, retail, real estate, financial services, consumer products, travel and tourism and construction.
Founded in 1975, the Sharaf Group has continued to grow over the years, operating in more than 40 countries around the world.

Sharaf DG has been the #1 leading distributor in the Middle East since its establishment in 2005.
It is the largest retailer of electronics and other products, with more than 40 large stores in the Middle East alone.
per month per store
  More than 1 million customers on average  visit the store  More than 3 million visitors visit our online shopping mall.

Within five years, the Middle East cosmetics market is expected to become the world's second or third largest cosmetics market comparable to China.
The Middle East is currently the fastest growing market with a size of 40 trillion won and the most difficult to enter.

Natural Base is an official partner with Sharaf.

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