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Natural Base is actively utilizing information technology that will become the basis of the future knowledge industry.

Information analysis, information security, big data, artificial intelligence technology, mobile solution, fulfillment logistics system, SNS service, etc.  More efficient through linkage with future knowledge industry technology  healthy in a way  beauty  We are creating a beauty platform that shares life.


Big  Data

In order to analyze the Korean cosmetic market, Natural Base uses big data that is attracting attention as a future technology.  You are reading the market.
Based on information on 400,000 beauty-related stores and 1,500 global cosmetic buyers in 50 overseas countries using mass information analysis technology,We will collaborate with brands.
We have information on all cosmetic manufacturers (factories) in Korea and 20,000 total cosmetic brands.

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Some of the artificial intelligence technology provided by the cloud data center  using the key data   secure.

Planning and planning business strategies by referring to the most optimized information through insight analysis of data  Operate.

artificial intelligence technology  to partners and customers  personalized personalized service  It is the basis on which we can provide.


Information Security

Focusing on information security technology  Anyone can find information safely  Planning with information security experts to ensure  designed.

Security of global cloud data center with reliable security technology  In order to prevent hacking and leakage of customer information through the service, and to respond to changing threat technologies, we have our own information security  We design and operate standards for policies and guidelines.

Information Security

Fulfillment (4PL)

global companies  By utilizing the fulfillment system called the logistics industry of the future,  We supply products.

IT  We utilize the infrastructure and systematic system of a leading logistics company that provides a logistics system combined with technology.

To ensure that products of various brands can be safely delivered at the distribution center  We try to understand and prevent any supply problems.


Content Creator

Natural Base operates various social network media channels to promote the brand value of its products.
We aim to be a global standard business that delivers information to future potential customers, including famous SNS and overseas SNS services with large-scale users that are not well known in Korea.
To this end, we plan and produce various contents to create sustainable brand value.

Content Creator
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